Travel Week: DIS Exchange

Last week was our first long break, which means that some core classes took their long study tour, while the rest of us had our spring break/travel week.

My best friend from Haverford, Eva, is studying this semester at DIS Copenhagen with the Urban Studies core class, and it just so happened that we had the same designated travel week, so we decided to spend it together on a sort of DIS culture exchange.

The week started with them coming to stay with me in Stockholm. We saw as much of the city as we could in three days, including the ABBA museum, which we had both been very much looking forward to seeing (it was expensive, but really fun). We also took a scenic public transit tour to see all the best art in the Stockholm tunnelbana. By the end of our three days, we had taken every tunnelbana line, the bus around Odenplan, the boat from Slussen, the tram, and we even took a special excursion on the pendeltåg to Bro station in the northwest. We also spent a lot of time with my host family, celebrating Semla Day and also making palt, a very dense Swedish potato dumpling.

On Wednesday, we left for Copenhagen. The city was much more urban-feeling than Stockholm, and it didn’t help much that it was raining for a lot of the time we were there. But we were still able to see a lot, including the citadel (Kastellet), the Round Tower, and Nyhavn. We also spent a day in Roskilde just west of Copenhagen to see the cathedral and the Viking ship museum.

It was a super fun week, and I loved being able to see my friend, but I’m so very exhausted and I’m going to be spending as much time relaxing as possible before my study tour to London at the end of the month.

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