Fika and Psychology

DIS has a very large psychology program, with 3 different core courses in different concentrations. I decided, even as a literature student, to take one psych class to get out of my academic comfort zone. I was also interested in studying education in a Scandinavian context, so I enrolled in
Psychology of Emerging Adulthood, a class that focuses on identity development in 18-29-year-olds as they navigate a period between adolescence and adulthood.

We had our first field study this week at the Modern Art museum in Stockholm, making connections between the abstract subject matter of the art and our working definition of identity during emerging adulthood.

Our class so far has consisted of articles analyzing emerging adulthood in a specifically Swedish context, defining stages of identity development, and also reflecting on our own experiences with identity as we exist as emerging adults during our study abroad experience. To facilitate more of that reflection, we spent our class this Friday at a local café for fika (Swedish social activity involving coffee and cinnamon rolls) where we discussed the challenges and growth we’ve been facing these last 3 weeks.

Psychology of Emerging Adulthood out for fika

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